New Year Special

Before I go back in teaching or telling everyone how to earn money online. Please let me say thanks to all the programs that I think gives me the opportunity to buy new cloths, eat in some fancy restaurants, treat my friends and family, and spend some money in some useless things.

There's alot of ways on earn money online but the question is HOW?

You may know how to do it but still its hard earning some money for the reason that we don't know how the program works. (program = websites that gives opportunity for their members to earn money) Luckily I actually stumble in some decent programs eventhough before It's really a tough time to know if its reliable or not. But because of my special motto PATIENCE is VIRTUE it helps me to prove to everyone even myself that you can actually earn money online. It's not necessary that you need to buy a book or anything but to read and follow the steps that is presented. I did some research before posting it, read some articles, joined some forum discussions and even ask reliable people. And lastly I don't promise that you will be getting alot of money by 1 month or so. Or even tell you that I already own some houses and cars. Enough is enough let's start.

This is my tribute for my New Year and New Earnings:

Thanks to the following.

  1. Commission Junction: the home for advertisers and publishers. Being a publisher of this website it gives you the opportunity to choose what products you want to publish in the market. And its easy money. lol :)
  2. Pay per Post: the easiest way on earning money is by joining the site. Will for me it is, since all you need to do is create an article for a specific opportunity and let the advertiser review the article then you will earn from $5 to $20. And you can join more than 2 opportunities, so if you have the time join all.
  3. Ciao: Consumer Community: the site that gives you freedom to chose any products from gadgets to anything. Create a review there's no limit on how much review you want to create. And earn by letting people invite you to be there friends, read you review, comment on your reviews and rated it. So alot of ways to earn money if you join the program.
  4. Neobux: for letting your member go to the website and view the advertisement then earn money. And you will earn more if you refer people to the website. So click now! hehehehe
  5. ZoneAlarm: for being a good and reliable security software there is in the market. And I've been using you for 2 years now and I am still virus, spyware, and worm free. Thanks for that.
  6. Computer Geek: the website that reminds me everyday that I am using an obsolete computer. It's not old but obsolete, what's the different. Technology evolves everyday so that means that I need to buy computers everyday? Guess not.
  7. Ashley Madison Dating: for telling me that I need to find a girlfriend and not stuck being alone. Sad right?
  8. GoDaddy: for reminding me that I need to buy my own domain name and not stuck being a blog. Blog is a good thing and I am not complaining Sorry!
  9. Blogger: for the opportunity to create a blog that is earning so much money and you give it to me for free. Without you guys I don't have adsense and affiliations.
  10. And lastly Myself for being so patient and positive last 2008.

Hoping it will be the same this year. Oops! the same but more earnings.....

How about you? What are the things that you are thankful for?


Ismail N on January 2, 2009 at 10:18 AM said...

Good for you.
Happy New Year. Hopefully that the coming year will bring you peace, good health, good cheer and much prosperity


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