Are U sure U can Write?

Here's a new anthology of understanding that earning money online is easy.

When an author decided to write a blog, he/she will be thinking of the following questions.

  1. What is the blog all about?
  2. How about the content or the article to post?
  3. How can I earn extra money by posting this articles?

Will friend I have the answer here.

  1. Think of the things that you know best and evaluate what you love and what makes it easy to do.
Hey! Where's number 2 and number 3?

Dude take it easy. I am still thinking if I am really sure to reveal what I learned.

Okay here is it.

As a writer what should be the article you will be posting in your blog and how can you earn some extra cash. According to some SEO expert you need to post atleast 3 articles every week. So this will be a burden if your working or studying. But enough is enough, right now all you need to do is join some programs that is available to everyone.

Start by joining the following programs:

PayperPost - *Recommended - its an easy program wherein all the authors need to know is, it have 4 steps that you need to follow.

First: Registration
  • In order to start taking Marketplace Opportunities, we need to know a bit about your blog… The URL, blog title, categories, that sort of thing. You may register more than one blog.

Second: Wait for Approval
  • Once you've submitted a blog, it goes to Customer Love for review. Once it is approved, you are ready for step 3. Remember, you can get started with PPP Direct as soon as you and install PPP tools, even before your blog is approved for the marketplace!
  • It takes 1 to 4 days for approval. So again, Patience is Virtue!
Third: Check for Opportunities
  • An Opportunity is the way an advertiser presents their need. Each Opp has a set compensation rate and requirements. Choose only the Opportunities best suited for you.
  • In the Opportunity page you will be seeing opportunity title and the offer. Opportunity Titles is the topic that you can choose and then write an article about it. Offer is the how much will you be getting after creating the article.
Last: My Post
  • This allows you to see all of your working Opps as well as the payment countdown clock. My Posts will also let you know the status of your post, if it’s Pending, Approved, or Rejected.
  • I mentioned above that you will be paid after you created an article 'bout the specific topic. Will you need to undergo some checking. The advertiser who posted the offer will be choosing which article will they chose. But don't you worry commonly they will approved not only 1 article but lots of it.
  • How much money involved per offer? from $5 to $20.
So Register now!

Note: I will be revealing the next program in your next anthology. Good Luck and Enjoy Earning.


ExcedenteDeFor├ža on December 29, 2008 at 12:28 PM said...

Very nice tips, ad publishing specific programs for blogs, like pay per post are a very good way to monetize your blog, if your content is strong and solid you can generate much more revenue then trough adsense, at least in the short run, plus adsense on blogs nowadays is like a "no solid content" label on your blog, althoug this is a steriotipe its quite true to many readers eyes.

Your friend JonhCarmo from

Keep in touch, cheers


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