NeoBux Earning Strategies

    What are NeoBux Earning Tips & Tricks Strategies

    1. NeoBux Background

    Before we start discussing about the NeoBux Tips and Tricks strategy, let us briefly discuss what is NeoBux really about. NeoBux is an innovative modern PTC (Paid To Click) website, and this is not the PTC site you used to know. Unlike many other PTC sites, NeoBux goal is to innovate and reach the needs of our users as well as our advertisers.
    NeoBux site is completely designed from scratch because, as users of other PTC sites NeoBux were sure that, besides many other offers, none could give us what we wanted as users or advertisers.
    NeoBux for sure is the innovation in PTC that you can actually make some money. You get paid by clicking on advertisers' Ads, typically $0.01 per Click. It doesn't sound like a lot, but if you employ a good strategy, particularly with the magic of "NeoBux Rent Referral", you will be in an auto-pilot state collecting money 24/7. You can easily make up to $9,000 per year extra money with NeoBux.

    And because rent-a-ref is such a unique and important feature, most of NeoBux Tips and Tricks strategies are essentially related to how you deal with referrals renting.

    2. NeoBux Tips and Tricks Strategy for Standard Member

    If you are good at convincing people or if you have big community network to join NeoBux under your referral name, you can enjoy some nice earning in NeoBux as a standard member. Otherwise, it is very hard for standard members to make real meaningful money. "How about renting referrals?" You may ask. Sorry to tell you, it is not profitable to rent referrals as a standard member. You have to keep your AVG (average clicks per day per ref) above 2.0 to make a profit. Otherwise, you could probably even lose money. Why? The reason is simple, you only get 50% earning from your referrals.

    For the purpose of discussion, let us assume you paid $30 for 100 referrals, so each referral costs you $3 per month. The referral has to click 60 ads (2 clicks per day) just for you to break even.

    Your Earning = 2*30*$0.01*50% = $3
    your profit = $3- $3 = $0

    Is it possible to rent hard-working referrals to keep AVG above 2, 3, or 4? Yes, it is possible, only if you are very lucky and rent only a few referrals. If you try to rent more than 50 referrals, then statistics rules, that is, an AVG of 1.5 to 2.0.

    My recommendation is, don't even try to rent a large number of referrals if you are a standard member. However, this is the tricky part, you probably need to rent a certain number of referrals (200 -300) before you upgrade to Gold membership soon because it is easier to rent as a standard member than a gold member.

    3. NeoBux Tips and Tricks Strategy for Gold Member

    Gold member, on the other hand, requires lower average number of clicks (AVG) from referrals to break even. So if the AVG is above 1.0, you are basically in profit already. Lot of people may have written about NeoBux on internet. Some showed their payment proof, some showed the basics of NeoBux, and very few explained the details how they made money with NeoBux, particularly using the referral renting feature. What I am going to show you is the step by step implementation of a good and scientific sound NeoBux Tips and Tricks Strategy. The banner above shows my current earning, it is not a whole lot now, but it matches closely to the earning schedule below, and I encourage you check back frequently to see how it goes.

    Earning Simulation for NeoBux Gold Member

    Click to enlarge Image

    Click to enlarge Image
    The table and figure above are the simulation of earning week by week for the first 20 weeks. It seems a little complicated, but it is actually quite simple when you follow the explanation step by step below.

    4. NeoBux Referral Renting Step by Step Implementation

    Week 1 - First you will need to create a Paypal account to pay as mentioned below

    So let's start : Most you are not familiar with earnings with paid to click. That's why I want to show you my step-by-step guide (that won't be very hard for you, but it will be I have an video guide to show you)

    Manual Steps To Complete :
    Step 1 : Register a PayPal or AlertPay account

    Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

    Step 2 :
    Download FireFox
    Step 3 : Create a new Gmail Account (for your Security Aspect)

    Step 4 : Take a look at the best websites that pay you to click (located below, make sure you read the reviews of all websites to register at)

    Rent 100 referrals, NeoBux charges $25/month$6.25/week) for 100 rented referrals. Although you can start FREE to accumulate your earning to rent referrals, putting a small amount of money will accelerate the process a lot, and your earning will be much more than your investment pretty soon. Statistically, the number of clicks for a referral is 1.5 per day, so
    Week 1 Earning =100*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 4*7*0.01 (self clicks)=$10.8
    Cost = $25 (rent 100 referrals)

    Week 2 - Rent another 100 Referrals, so
    Week 2 Earning = 200*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 4*7*0.01 (self clicks) = $21.3
    Cost = $25 (rent 100 referrals) + $11.3 (referral renewal) + 1.6 (recycling) = $37.9

    (1). You can only register as Standard Membership for the first couple of weeks, and the earning is $0.005/click for referrals (We simplied the calculate here using $0.01 for the first two weeks).
    (2). NeoBux has an "Autopay" feature for rent referral renewal with 10% discount and assume 25% of the referrals will be renewed. i.e., so weekly renewal cost = 200*25%($25/100)*0.9 = $11.3
    (3) Assume 10% recycling rate, i.e., 10% of referrals will be recycled each week, the recycling cost = 200*10%*0.08= $1.6

    Week 3 - Rent another 100 Referrals, and upgrade to Golden Membership for $90 per year. This is highly recommended because you will earn $0.01 per click for your referrals to double your earning. So,
    Week 3 Earning = 300*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 10*7*0.01 (self clicks) = $32.2
    Cost = $25 (rent new 100 referrals) + $16.9 (rent renewal) + $2.4 (recycling) + $90 (membership) = $134.3

    In the following weeks, you repeat the same thing adding 100 referrals every week. You can reinvest the earning to rent referrals. Of course, you need to spend 10-20 minutes a day to click a few Ads; otherwise the earnings from referrals will not be credited to your account. You can refer to the table and figure above for the earning and cost for each weeks. Please also note that you will need around $150 initial investment to get started to accelerate the earning.

    Week 20 - By now, you should have reached the 2000 referrals limit by reinvesting what you have earned to rent more referrals every week.

    Week 20 Earning = 2000*1.5*7*0.01 (Refs clicks) + 10*7*0.01 (Self Clicks) = $210.7
    Cost = $25 (rent new 100 referrals) + $112.5 (rent renewal) + $16 (recycling) = $153.5
    Profit = $210.7 - $153.5 = $57.2

    From this point on, the earning and cost will be stabilized, because you have reached the 2000 rented referrals limit. Since you can't buy new referrals any more, your cost will be only for referral renewal and recycling, which is $112.5 (rent renewal) + $16 (recycling) = $128.5. Your earning will still be $210.7 per week (same as week 20). Therefore, your weekly profit becomes $210.7 - $128.5 = $82.2 per week, or $356 per month! That doesn't sound too bad, right?

    5. NeoBux Tips and Tricks Strategy for Ultimate Member

    It gets harder and harder these days to rent referrals because more and more people are fighting for referrals. The referrals can be easily rented out even one minute after the clock because so many people out there are trying to rent the referrals. You snooze, you lose.

    As an alternative, I paid another $890 to upgrade to Ultimate Pack because I have a full-time job and I want to spend less time on this. However, the money spent should pay off fairly quickly. It guarantees that the rented referrals are delivered to you on time and on a accelerated rate, which is 200 rent referrals every 4 days, or approximately 300 referrals per week! Once you reach the maximum 4,000 rented referrals for Ultimate Pack, you can earn as much as $177 per week profit, or $9,200 a year! See Table 2 and Figure 2 below. I will explain the cost and earning for week 20 as an example.

    Week 20 Earning = 4,000*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 15*7*0.02 (self clicks) = $422.1
    Week 20 Cost = 4,000*25%*$0.25*90% (referral renewal) + 4,000*10%*$0.05 = $245
    Profit = $ 422.1 - $ 245 = $177.1 per week, or $767 per month

    Again, the assumptions are:

    a. 1.5 average clicks per referral per day (AVG)
    b. 25% referrals are renewed every week, or all 4,000 are renewed every month.
    c. 10% referrals are recycled every week, or 40% of all referrals are recycled every month.
    d. Autopay is turned on to get 10% discount on referral renewal.

    If you want to want to try different assumptions, plug your numbers into the number equations above to get an idea. It is impossible for me to present all the scenarios in this article here.

    In summary, the NeoBux Tips and Tricks strategy for Ultimate Members is not a whole lot different than that for gold members. It wins because it has larger number of referrals which are basically your working force. No selling here, I have to mention that NeoBux provides a lot of nice features for ultimate members to reduce the cost for account maintenance, such as 7 days for free recycling, discounted rate for recycling, discounted rate for referral renting, 30 days of vacation mode etc. You got what you paid for, right?

    Earning Simulation for NeoBux Ultimate Member (Table)
    Click to enlarge Image
    Click to enlarge Image

    What are you waiting for? My referrals are busy clicking and earning money for me while I am working, jogging, or sleeping. If you don't feel comfortable putting money in first, then work your way up from the free standard membership until you earn enough to upgrade. Realizing there are other factors leading to your success with NeoBux, I hope this NeoBux money making strategy discussed here can at least give you some brief reference to set up a reasonable expectation.

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    Earn Money Using File Sharing

    Are you a blogger or someone who enjoyed uploading files in the internet?

    If Yes then this program suited your needs. Blogging is obviously earning extra using the internet. Even a small amount will do and of course you can help others. For years now I have been a reader or Newsoundz its a blog that let the reader download a bulk of mp3's or the project that I created a long time ago Straight|Gay Pleasure which is for adults only. (minors keep out)

    These blogs allow you to download date or files from 5mb to 1000mb for free, but later that I know blogger can actually earn from this kind of blogs.

    We have this sites in the internet called File Sharing eg. Hotfile and 4Shared.

    With this programs or sites it is very easy to earn extra. All you need to do is the following:
    • Upload Files such as video, photos, music, or others
    • Share the link or URL
    How to share the link or URL created by file sharing programs?

    Like I said earlier you can share the link using your blog/website or even some micro blogging like Twitter.

    How to Earn Using File Sharing?

    Bloggers can earn via file download or webmaster affiliation.

    By File Download in Hotfile you will be getting an Account Type which determine how much you will be earning per download.

    refer to the diagram below

    Proof 1:

    Webmaster Affiliation on the other hand is, if a blogger visit your blog and click on any url from Hotfile or 4Shared and became a member. You will be getting 20% for Hotfile and 4Shared

    Be a Member Now: Hotfile and 4Shared

    Patience is Virtue!

    Online Money Making Secrets

    I have read a few articles about earning extra money using the internet by using some tips. TIPS are just in common text that tells you what to do. If you search Google now with the keywords Online Money Making you will be bombarded with a lot of blogs or website that promises you the following:

    • Increases Traffic
    • Earn More
    • Backlinks
    • etc.
    I have been a blogger for many years now and I did some research on how to use this opportunity to earn extra by of course using the internet. To be honest it is really hard to be a blogger especially if your aim is to gain money. BUT it will not be that hard if you will be using the resources that some other people used.

    For example:

    Being an Affiliate:

    You can be an affiliate to any website that offers a product like, Commission Junction and Clickbank.

    Amazon offers you a variety of products that you can sell in your website or blogs. And CJ and Clickbank gives you ways on how to earn thru Sales and Lead. Both offers good money but the question now is how to promote this programs?

    I have a simple tips:
    • Use Twitter to promote the products just make sure you use to shorten the original URL and of course it doesn't look like you are selling something.
    • Use social network site like Myspace and Facebook. In Myspace add amazon products in your page, and in Facebook join some groups and promote the products.

    Pay per Click:

    I am not sure if people still earning using Adsense unlike before people doesn't know that clicking such ads will give other people a chance to earn. But now I think people or readers are not really enjoying clicking ads from Google and I don't know why. So the less that you can do is do not expect that you will earn a lot from Adsense.


    Earn money without spending any cents unless you already experienced receiving money from the programs. Coz right now there is a lot of money making programs scam in the internet.

    Earn Money, Free Traffic, and Site Reviews

    Do you have a blog, website, personal page or affiliate link?

    If Yes, what are the things that you did to increase your traffic and get review from your readers?
    When I became a blogger I always thought that I need to get alot of traffic for the following reasons:
    1. i need people to appreciate the topic that i posted.
    2. i need readers
    3. i want to become a reliable blogger
    4. i want to help people
    5. i need to earn money
    With this reason I strive hard to know how to promote my blog, so as an ignorant blogger I ask my fellow blogger what are the things that I should do to increase the traffic of my blog. Common answers:
    1. Join Social Network (Facebook and Twitter)
    2. Blog Directory (Blogcatalog and others..)
    3. RSS Feeds (Feedburner)
    4. Create an Article (its all about backlinks)
    5. Forums (Yahoo! Answer and other forum site)
    6. and theres alot more....
    To be honest those ways are actually working, but of course I need more since I am a greedy blogger.
    How about if I tell you that you can improve your traffic by joining LinkReferral.

    • Receive 100's of authentic, quality, targeted visitors per day.
    • Receive valuable written visitor feedback.
    • Network with 250,000+ of your peers.
    I did join the site 2 days ago of course for free. I am quite shock with the output it increases my blog traffic and commonly I recieved 15 unique visitor per day. Remember i'm new to the site.

    WHAT are the things that I need to know?
    If you join LinkReferral you need to do the following:
    • visit some of the members blog or website
    • review some blog or website that you like
    • find a blog that you want to put in your favorite blog list
    • join some discussion in the forum page
    by doing this things you can get more traffic and what I like in the site is the reviews that my blog is getting...

    LinkReferral - Review

    As you can see I got nice reviews from my fellow blogger.

    And lastly, LinkReferral also give members a chance to earn money. By the means of referral.

    Get paid for Referrals

    You are eligible to be paid for the following, commissions on purchases made by referrals at LinkReferral. This not only includes premium upgrades, but advertising and all other services we provide! (e.g. A $100 advertising purchase by a referral earns you $15, an upgraded member earns you $7.50!)

    Commissions on Basic member (free) referrals! We have set a valuation of Basic referrals at $1.00 per signup, and you will be paid a percentage according to the referral level below (e.g. you earn $0.15 for a 1st level (direct) referral).As a Premium member, you will be paid handsomely for not only purchases made by direct referrals, but indirect (2nd level - the referrals of your referrals) as well. You are credited for both FUTURE AND PAST purchases of referrals! The payment levels are the following;

    1st level - 15% all purchases by direct referrals + 15 cents per basic member (free) signup
    2nd level - 5% all purchases by indirect (2nd level) referrals + 5 cents per basic member (free) signup

    If a member just gets 10 referrals and does nothing more, and their referrals get 10 referrals and do nothing more and each spends an average of $100 on services, the money the member earns adds up! Upgrade now, there may be a win fall of past referrals who have made purchases which have already earned you money.

    Be a Member Now: Click Here!

    Patience is Virtue!

    Earn Monthly Paychecks by Viewing Ads

    I have been using Neobux and earning from it. I guess that is the reason why I am craving for more PPC (pay per click) money making program. Even though the earnings is not really that much but still I am fine with it since I did not spent any money for the registration.

    Everything about the site is similar with Neobux if your familiar with it.

    I would like to introduce ClixSense.

    Here are some of the things that you needed to know.

    How can I earn using ClixSense?
    • The ads credit ranging from $0.10 to $5. All you need to do is go to Browse Ads $$ then click all the available ads. You can actually see the amount in each ads.

    When and How will I receive my Earnings?
    • You will receive your payment either by check and mailed it to the postal address on your profile on or before the 10th of the month provided that your account balance has reached the minimum payout which is $10. If your account is less than $10 it will be carried out the next month.
    • And also, there is a game in ClixSense that you can earn up to $5.00.
    What do you mean by Manage Ads?
    • The good thing about ClixSense is, it is also a way for any blogger or someone who owns a website to have another method of getting traffic. If you earn credits by clicking the ads in Browse Ads section you can used them to advertise your own website.
    • Payment per click must be between $0.10 to $5.00.
    Are there any fees to earn money using ClixSense?
    • No. The check processing fee is $3.00 if you apply for payout.
    What is Premium Account?
    • It is a type of account that gives you alot of opportunity like click more ads than the regular members.
    • To upgrade to Premium account all you need to pay is $10.00

    Other way to earn money using ClixSense

    Earning money thru ClixSense is so easy and you can earn more if you join the affiliate program.

    Free Member will receive $.01 for each referral and will receive $2.00 if their direct referral upgrades to a Premium account. You will also receive 10% of revenues generated from your referrals’ ad purchases.

    Premium Members are paid affiliate commissions 5 levels deep!

    PREMIUM MEMBERS – You are instantly paid $0.10 for each new referral. When one of your direct referrals upgrades their account to a Premium membership, you are instantly paid $2.00 for that member's upgrade. When that member refers a new member who upgrades to premium you are instantly paid a $1.00 override commission. You just got paid for doing NOTHING! Even better, that same scenario pays FIVE LEVELS DEEP! And now, level five referrals pay as much as your direct referrals: $2.00!!

    Let's take a look at what happens if you were to refer only five new members to and ONLY three of those members upgrade to a Premium account. We'll use the same scenario through all five levels:

    The question now: Can you refer 5 new people per month?

    Be a Member Now: Click Here!

    Patience is Virtue!

    Confirmed: HellishDollar is a SCAM

    For months now, I've been searching for some ways to earn money online easily. Everything is easy money and it is too good to be true. But you will never really know what will happen if you don't try it. Besides its free so you have nothing to lose.

    A friend of mine introduces a money making program that he already received a payment by using it. So I guess I better try than never.

    It is the Hellishdollar

    The image says it all. All you need to do is click some ads in the website and check your inbox for some paid emails. I'll show you guys my earnings for using the program for 2 days. I am not that active since I need to work on a very important project.

    update of my earnings:

    Today, my earning is about $302.80 and it made me realized that it is really easy to earn money using the site. That is why I made some research about Hellishdollars and I found out that it is really a SCAM. I read some complaint about the site like they're not paying you when you reach the minimum payout and they are just like pyramid scheme. Everything is all words and noone posted any proof that it is scam. So, I am still going to used it till I can post some proof here that it is a SCAM money making program.

    Earnings Update:

    August 13, 2009
    As you can see in the above images that I am earning big money thru but right now unfortunately I am not earning anything since the website is not accessible anymore. If you will go to hellishdollars you will be redirect to Maverick Money Makers dot com. I guess this is it, we already confirmed that Hellishdollars is a scam or not a legit money making program.

    August 17, 2009
    For I don't know reason HellishDollars is back online, I visited the site just right now and found out that they are on again. The last time I check they got suspended that is why when you visit the site it will automatically redirect to another website.

    Right now my earning is already $920.00. And I got alot of questions in my mind.

    1. Why is it the site got alot of problem:
    • last time the images will not show up, because of that you cannot login coz the form is on image type.
    • then now they got suspended.
    2. If I earn $2000.00 are they going to pay me.

    August 26, 2009
    Earnings Update

    I would like to say thanks for the support. Especially the people that help clicking and viewing of ads.

    I there for conclude based on the evidence that I gathered.

    The Payout Button is nowhere to be found.

    The Daily Payment Indicator is ON that means you can request payout daily when you reach the minimum which is $2,000.

    Thank you all for the support.

    Patience is Virtue..........


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