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The program that I will be introducing today is actually similar with Pay per Post. The idea here is since that you join Pay per Post already why not join other program that is similar to it and it also help you to earn extra money. The program name is Sponsored Reviews the program is 2 ways 1st is for blogger wherein you can join and earn money while the 2nd is for advertiser where you can get buzz meaning traffic.

Sponsored Review is so important to me since it actually generate more money than Adsense and I don't have any problem what article to post since I already get an opportunity to review a products and post it in my blog (I own another blog hehehehe). I did talk to some members that became my friends they are actually earning more than thousand dollars, it's big right? Eventhough I did'nt earn that much since my phisophy is to help people to earn and get a reliable program online.

Here's the things that you need to know.

How much can I earn in Writing reviews?

With SponsoredReviews, you set your own price. Depending on the size of your readership and the quality of your blog posts, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $1000 per review. If you are a major site, you might be able to get even more. Do not overprice your reviews else you might not get any work. Remember, there are thousands of other bloggers in our marketplace. Advertisers will choose the best blogs based on quality and on value.

How many blogs can I register with SponsoredReviews?

You may register an unlimited number of blogs as long as they meet the minimum requirements. The blogs must be unique and not similar to each other.

What are the minimum requirements for a blog to be accepted?
  • Your blog must contain at least 10 posts with 200 words of unique content each.
  • Your blog must not be completely automated or appear to be created solely for search engine traffic.
  • Your blog must have at least a 3:1 ratio of non-paid to paid content.
  • You must complete all accepted reviews within 7 days.
  • Your blog must have a minimum number of incoming links and traffic to qualify.
  • Your blog must have a professional appearance.
How do I get paid?

You will receive your earnings via PayPal on a bi-weekly basis.

How do I know when or if I have been paid?

You can check your payment history and a summary of your outstanding earnings on our site at any time. You will receive your outstanding earnings two weeks after your review is completed

How long do I need to keep the review on my site?

Reviews should be permanently archived on your site. However, we only require that they stay up for 30 days. Any blogger found to be removing their reviews after 30 days consistently will be removed from our network. Advertisers are purchasing reviews under the assumption that they will be archived.

It's a sure money that you can earn as a blogger and also helping an advertiser getting buzz. So its a win win situation between us bloggers and advertisers.

So if you have time join Sponsored Reviews now!

See you next time and Enjoy Earning!


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