Cont. Chapter 4: Sample Directories

Directories - It’s important & easy to get your links added to quality online directories, so that your link popularity is increased and your PR increases. As of August 2005, the following directories all offer interior links of PR 4 or higher, depending on the category.

Free Directories - Some free directories require you to become a volunteer editor in order to submit sites for free.

1) Can take several months for a free listing. $49 for immediate listing.
2) AbiLogic
3) Big All
4) eZilion
5) Joe Ant - Free for volunteers. $40 for everyone else.
6) Linketeria - Instant additions. You must have an email address from the domain you submit.

Paid Directories - There are many directories you can pay for inclusion. However, most simply aren’t worth it because they don’t offer any substantial page rank. An advantage of quality paid directories is that your site will be added within a few business days.

1) Able Seek - $40 one time fee.
2) All Top Sites - $40/year
3) Arielis - $25 one time fee.
4) Best of the Web - $39.95/year
5) - $199/year - A must join
6) inCrawler- $15 one time
7) Linkopedia - $10 one time fee.
8) Microsoft bCentral - $49/year - a must join
9) Yahoo - $299/year - a must join. Non-commercial sites are free.

Other Options:

Another strong suggestion to get quality incoming links and PR is to run press releases about your site once per month. You can do so on sites like for $40-$80. Even if you don’t have anything news-worthy to say, the important thing is that search engines will pick up the press releases and they will generate good PR incoming links for your website. Just create a simple press release on how wonderful your website is. Spending $80 guarantees your release will be picked up by Google News and Yahoo News.

A few more incoming link strategies:
  1. On forums that allow you to post with a signature with a URL, such as, you should always have a keyword rich link to your website in your signature. Search engines spider these pages daily and any quality link back to your site is good.
  2. Copy and paste a few paragraphs from your website in order to create articles on and Be sure to link back to your site in the articles. Once these articles get indexed you’ve got instant high quality backlinks to your site.
  3. Create a blog at Regularly make posts to it using text from your website, and include a link back to your site. Once you post your entries, go to and ping it so that it will hopefully get picked up somewhere, giving you backlinks to your blog, which will help because your blog links to your website.



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