Cont. Chapter 4: Page Content/Cloaking

B. Page Content

Of course, incoming links aren’t the only thing that is important to SEO. Proper use of page title, H1-H3 tags, meta tags, description, keyword density, and content are all key to your success as well. I recommend only using one H1 tag per page, and including your main keyword or phrase in it. I also like to use a style sheet to manipulate the size and color of an H1 tag, so it fit’s in better with the site theme. H1 is the main heading for a page’s text. H2 is for sub-categories, and H3 is even smaller. I don’t even bother with H4-H6. If you aren’t familiar with style sheets, here is a simple example:

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The above code would be placed within the <-HEAD-> section of your web page. Don’t repeat your keyword in the H1 tag, and don’t make it longer than a simple sentence.

In the “keyword” Meta tag section of your page, you should put your page’s main keywords/phrases separated by a comma. Don’t go crazy here. Just list the top ones. For the “description” meta tag, just make a simple sentence or two that summarizes the page, including your main keyword/phrase. Like this:

It’s important that you keep your content updated and make a few changes every couple of weeks. That way Google knows to come back to your site every few weeks to spider your site again. You are basically training Google’s robots to think your site is important because you change and update your content often. If you don’t know enough about a subject to write a few new paragraphs about it every couple of weeks, or if you are too lazy like me, but you still want to target the subject because the keywords are high paying, you can always put articles on your site written by other people. There are a few sites that provide thousands of free articles on just about any subject, and you are free to use them on your site. You can find these articles at Article City and Ezine Articles.

Or, you can use an automated tool that generates relevant page content for you based on the keywords you input. I recommend any of these three:

D. Cloaking

As you can see, proper SEO strategies, commonly referred to as “white hat” strategies, are time consuming. I quickly found that keeping up with it would require more work than I was willing to do. Like I said, I’m extremely lazy, and I don’t want to spend my time tweaking everything to see what the results are. So, that is why I sold That is also why I don’t really bother with white hat strategies anymore. I’ve moved on to “black hat” strategies such as “cloaking”.

Cloaking is frowned upon by most webmasters, except for the ones who do it and make a lot of money like me. I can’t list my cloaked websites here, because someone could report me and get my sites banned. But, I will tell you the easiest way for a lazy person to get good rankings is by cloaking. Cloaking involves showing a keyword rich, highly optimized webpage to search engines, but a normal page to human visitors. It’s important to note that highly technical webmasters can and will report cloaked websites and get them banned. That is why 1) you should always cloak on a throw-away domain that you don’t care about, and have it redirect people to your true website. And 2) You shouldn’t cloak for highly competitive keywords because your cloaked site will be reported quickly. If you cloak on a throwaway domain and use good keywords that get a medium amount of searches, you should be able to y below the radar. Search engines like Google will only ban cloaked domains, but not the sites they redirect to, EVER. This is because Google knows your competitors would be able to easily get you banned if they punished the site that was redirected to.If this all sounds confusing, that’s okay, because there is software out there that handles cloaking for you.

I prefer a pretty expensive one ($1,700), called Fantomaster. I have used it very successfully. The creator Dirk Brockhausen is extremely helpful and provides free support for life. If you have no idea how to cloak or use his in depth program, you can pay him a small fee to set up a cloaked domain for you. The only cheaper software I’ve found that I like is Search Engine Cloaker. I’ve tried many of the other cheap ones and found that they are practically useless. There is also a cloaking forum on where you can ask people which software works best for them.



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