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I got online today and someone IM me telling me that he receive his earnings from the following programs that I will be introducing later. So I went online and check if its true that you can actually earn real money in such program. So I went to check the program and I got this proof: Unbelievable isn't it?

With this, I would like to teach you how to earn such amount since I've been earning from the program also. P.S. It needs patience and dedication. lol

Lets start with my favorite

In this program you can actually earn in 2 ways:

  • PPC or Pay per Click - Everytime you open your account, check the View Advertisement page for you to see all the advertisement that you can click. Click as much as you can, so every click you made will earn you $0.02 or 2 cents. Very small right but remember to be patient it will grow.
  • PPR or Pay per Referral - It's very simple either you invite your friend to Sign-Up with your referral ID or you create a website for more traffic (more traffic meaning big chances to earn money). The good news is if you got 3 referrals you will be earning $1, in short if you have 100 friends that you can refer to the program you will get $30.
So, visit Neobux now! Click here

Anyway before I forgot you need to be a member of (this is like paypal) it will receive all the money that Neobux pay you. Right click the banner below to be redirected to alertpay.


This mainly concerned of this unique program is members should create reviews of any products that is available in the product menu (from Computer, Mp3 Players, Movies, and more..)
As a member you have 2 options in earning money in which I will be elaborating after teaching you the following steps:

when your done with the registration
  • ciao will be sending a confirmation letter thru your email
  • check your email and click the link that is given to you
  • after that your an official member of ciao.
very simple isn't it?

Lets earn some money. In this program you have alot of ways to earn some cash. But make sure that you already create a review of a specific product(s).

  1. How can I earn money by writing product reviews?
    Reviews of some products will be awarded a small cash payment every time a member rates them "helpful", "very helpful" or "exceptional". To take advantage of this, write high-quality reviews about these products to ensure that you receive numerous positive ratings by other members.

  2. How are earnings for member ratings calculated?
    Your earnings for ratings of your reviews by other members are calculated by multiplying the number of ratings per review by the remuneration rate for each of the reviews written. These totals are then added up and your overall earnings calculated once a month.
and lastly:
  1. How can I earn money by encouraging new members to join Ciao?
    You can invite new members to join Ciao in two main ways: either by sending them an e-mail which contains a link to the Ciao registration form, or by posting Ciao banners and other advertising materials containing links to the Ciao registration form on your own website. For each new member who you recruit for Ciao and who writes at least one product review on the site, we will make you a one-time payment of $1, and then pay you a 50% commission on your member's earnings from the Ciao website for the first 6 six months of his/her membership. The 50% commission on your friend's earnings does not include the $1 earnings from reviews they write, but does include a 50% commission on money awarded for positive ratings they receive, which can be worth 1 cent, 2 cents, or 3 cents.

So, visit Ciao now! Click here

Be a Member of Paypal to receive your payments.

Hope everyone learn something new today.

See you Next time for another Money Making Anthology. :)


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