Search Engine Optimization Strategies

So you don’t want to pay for PPC (pay-per-click) ads, and instead you want to be listed in the top 10 Google results for your top keywords? That’s exactly what I did for my former website Take a look on Google today for the following keywords: “bad credit”, “bad credit loans”, “bad credit credit cards”, and so many more. 3 straight years at # 1 for these terms, and over 100 million competitor websites. I sold it to someone in 2004 and its still # 1 today because the guy kept using my strategies.

A. Incoming Links

What I learned from my success is not only am I a freakin genius, but that buying incoming links is a must. It’s very difficult and time consuming to create content that many high PR sites would just link to freely, so I always buy links. For I had high PR sites linkingto me, and one of the keys was that many of them had incoming links to them from government pages and authority pages. Some of the sites I paid for links from were,, etc.I believe links from government pages and authority pages make a HUGE impact in your rankings.If you can get some to directly link to you, great.

If not, find a site that has government or authority links going to it, and get them to link to you. They should be PR4 or higher. Don’t bother with any less. What you can do is locate non-profit charity sites (501c websites), and negotiate with them for a link. Make a donation to their charity or whatever it takes. Charity sites are commonly linked to by government sites.

You can check to see where other sites get their incoming links from by going to Google and typing in “”. It’s also important to get incoming links from high PR sites that are in industries related to yours. If you have a site about finance, it wouldn’t be good if you only had incoming links from porn sites. Get it? As far as anchor text, you used to be able to get away with using the same anchor text for each incoming link to your site. But now it’s important to switch it up. Anchor text is the actual text in the link to your website, such as a>anchor text here.

It’s easy for Google’s robots to spot a site that is buying links if all of your incoming links use the same text. If your main keyphrase is “bad breath”, you would want to have links pointing to you with varying anchor text like “badbreath odor”, “halitosis and bad breath”, etc. This is especially important if you are buying links from a site with several hundred or thousand pages. Google used to count several many high PR links from the same domain as important, but now it appears to be much less important. But if a site does link to you from multiple pages on their site, make sure the anchor text is varied. A few good services that can help you seamlessly get a lot of quality incoming links are and They find links for you, negotiate the price, make sure the anchor text is varied, and make sure the pages that link to you aren’t ooded with links to other sites. If a page linking to you has more than 10-15 outgoing links, you won’t get much benefit from the link, as the PR will be spread out over many links. It’s also important to note that if a site has more than 100 outgoing links, you may even get punished by Google for associating with link “farms”.



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