Cont. Chapter 3: Emails/Legitmacy/Miscellaneous

D. Emails

Make sure you add a section to your site that collects visitor email addresses. I prefer to use an email address collector from Aweber. Their service also allows for scheduled follow-ups, announcements, etc. In my experience, their service is able to easily avoid spam filters. Many lesser programs can’t even get a message to people who DID opt in to receive your messages, because they can’t get past the spam filters.

A good idea would be to use that Google friendly pop-up I told you about in Chapter 2. Put your email collector form in the pop-up/floating box. Just tell people to enter their email address for info on new scams that should be avoided at all costs. It doesn’t really matter what you say, just get people to join. Most people will join your list, because everyone wants to avoid scams. Two days later they won’t even remember why they joined your mailing list. Then once a month you can send an email to your list members with offers you recommend, so you can earn some commissions. Emailing to your own in-house list is a very profitable business in itself.

E. Legitimacy

Now, do another Google search for “website reviews”, to find websites that are currently reviewing other websites. They don’t advertise it, but you can pay some of them to write a favorable review article about your website & product. Don’t ask the big, reputable review companies. Talk to the ones that most people have never heard of. Then reference these good reviews on your homepage, as another validation that you are better than the rest. Just for having a privacy policy, you can get a TrustE logo on your site: It’s just another way to show your visitors you are legit. There are many services like this, and I recommend getting as many seals, reviews, and awards as possible. Even if you have to pay for them.

F. Miscellaneous

One additional way to generate income for your product is to sell your ebook on Ebay. Using one of the widely available ebay templates, and utilizing one of the Ebay seller tools such as Turbo Lister, you can re-list your ebook over and over automatically. Set up an autoresponder email address, so that when people order, they will instantly receive an email from you with a download for the ebook. Or, you can create a page on your website that has a download link, and tell Paypal to redirect people to it once they have paid. If you have a compelling sales letter on your homepage, using the strategies in Chapter One, you can duplicate that text into your Ebay listings.



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