Chapter 3: Selling Your Own Informational Product

A. Creating Your Product

Remember when most products used to be made in the USA? Now it seems most are made in Asia. Why? Because they copied USA products, made them cheaper and better. And that is exactly what you can do to create your own informational product. Notice the top 10 selling products in each Clickbank category. These things sell. So don’t re-invent the wheel. Make a similar site, make it look better, sound better, and price it lower. Writing better text than your competitor may sound daunting, but if you use the same strategies I presented in Chapter 1, it’s really a cinch. Basically, badmouth the rest in general, talk about how most are scams, then present your product. It’s the no Ho hum, I’m just a good guy trying to help people avoid scams, and oh by the way here is the only program I recommend...MINE! Just like I mentioned in Chapter One.

For the hook, you offer a 45 day money back guarantee, which is Clickbank’s standard refund policy. Most people are essentially good, and won’t ask for a refund if they like your product, unless they are one of those few bastards who buy things, benefit from them, and STILL demand a refund. And regardless, these kind of people are being filtered out by Clickbank because they keep record of people who have requested refunds from multiple Clickbank products in the past, and are now BANNING them from ever purchasing Clickbank products again.

An additional hook is to offer a few free gifts with purchase... gifts that don’t cost you a dime.

You can find many free gifts listed with – Free DVD’s, Free Gift Cards, etc. See what your competitors offer, and do better. For giving away these free items, companies will pay you a commission. That is because you gave them a valid email address of someone they can market to in the future, and because they don’t actually give your customer a free gift card, dvd, etc. until they sign up for a free trial of another product. But that’s not your problem. Just make sure you explain that in your website’s disclaimer. You’ll get a few angry people, but the fact is, once someone has bought your product, very few will even bother trying to get a refund just because your free gift isn’t exactly “free”. If you’re not comfortable giving away a “free” gift that requires someone to try a product or service, you can also opt to give away free travel coupons, also called travel incentives. Go to Google and type in “travel certificates”, and you will find a plethora of companies that offer these certificates for just a few dollars each. Most are 100% REAL, and are offered through services that represent hotels that hope the free visit will encourage travelers to return in the future at full price.

Bonus Tip:

You can also offer people a 200% refund on the sale digital product, but make it conditional. Meaning, if they can show you that when used properly, your product does not work, you will give them a 200% refund. 99% of people won’t even take you up on this offer because it is far too complicated, and ifyour product if worth a shit, they won’t be able to prove it doesn’t work.

B. Building your Site

If you have no idea how to build or maintain a website, I suggest going to:
  1. Plug in Profits - $49.95 gets you a very simple affiliate website, created specifically for you with tutorials, user forums and 24 hour customer support.
  2. Site Build It- They will set up an affiliate based website for you, optimized to make money. The cost ofthe website is $300. No HTML knowledge needed.
StartLogic - Affordable Webhosting

I myself know very little HTML. I couldn’t create a website from scratch to save my life. But I hire peopleoff of Elance to do them for me. They have no idea they are creating million dollar websites for me for just a few hundred bucks.



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