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By optimizing my page for keyphrase “Domain Registration” and sending people who click on my Miva ad to this same page, my website will automatically display the top 3-4 Google Adwords ads for keyphrase “domain registration” on my website. Now if the top 3-4 Google Adwords advertisers are paying $7 per click for that keyphrase, I can expect to earn close to $3.50 for every person that clicks on the Google Adsense ads on my site. Because like I said earlier, most experts believe Google pays around 50% to adsense publishers. Think about it, I’m paying $.21 for the visitor to my site from Miva, then I get them to click on a Google Adsense ad on my website and I get paid around $3.50 for one click. I just made $3.29 for doing nothing but sending someone from Miva to a Google Advertiser’s website. I’m like a traffic middleman. They were only on my website for a few seconds. Now imagine if you could repeat this over and over every day for thousands of keywords. Of course not EVERY person is going to click on the adsense ad on your site, but even if every 5th or 10th person did, you still make nice profit. And if you do it for thousands of keywords, you can easily make big money. That’s what I do. Not only can you buy cheap traffic from Miva through keyword ads, but you can buy from the other PPC search engines I mentioned above. In some cases you can even buy keyword ads on Overture and Google Adwords, and STILL make money with Adsense. The way to do this is to find the obscure or little used keywords, which don’t cost a lot and when they get to your page that is optimized for the expensive keywords, you still make out good. The traffic will be minimal, but the profit is still well. Another Adsense strategy for increasing your clickthrough rate is to place small pictures next to each adsense ad. Pictures draw more attention to the ad and increase clickthroughs by up to 400%. You have to be careful that you do it in a way that doesn’t violate Google TOS. To the right is an example of how you can do it. Notice I have borders around the images, as Google requires them to appear separate from the ads.

It’s also important to create a “channel” in your Adsense account for each of your domains. You can also create sub-channels for different pages within each URL. This will enable you to track exactly which pages are earning you the most money.

Advanced Traffic Middleman Trick:

Create a simple search engine website with pre-populated search strings that match the keywords you are targeting on the smaller pay per click search engines, and make the first few results SPONSORED results from Google and/or Searchfeed.

Here is an example of how popular search engine UncovertheNet.com does it:

Now if UncovertheNet were to purchase the keyphrase “pay per click” on Miva or another small PPC search engine for say 10 cents, they would make sure their paid ad led people to the URL above. Now when visitors reach that page, they will see results for the same keyword they originally typed in, so they won’t likely understand what happened when they were shipped to UncovertheNet’s results. Now if the click on the sponsored ads at the top of UncovertheNet’s pre-populated page (which are from searchfeed), or the sponsored ads on the right (which are from Google), UncovertheNet will make 20 cents, 40 cents, or whatever the current rate is on Searchfeed and Google. Basically you will be paying Miva or another PPC search engine to send people to your search engine that shows relevant results. And hopefully the visitors will click on your sponsored ads because:

1) They are relevant to what they’re looking for.
2) They are at the top and right, the best placement for clickthroughs.
3) They look more like real results, and less like ads.

If creating a simple search engine sounds daunting, put up a work order on http://www.Elance.com and dozens of people will bid for the job. Choose someone who has a history of creating search engines, and they’ll handle everything and get it done in less than a week for a couple hundred bucks



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