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Now that you know how to make money with Google Adsense without selling any products, lets talk about using Google Adwords to sell your own products, or the products of a company you are affiliated with. I have a very simple strategy for this. Google Adwords only allows you a limited amount of text on your Adwords ads, so you have to make it count. The only way to stand out from the rest is to be different. And I have discovered that the best way to do this is to instill some sort of fear, or to cause someone to be almost disturbed by the oddity or humor of your ad. Just as I mentioned in Chapter One, fear is a huge motivator for buying your product. If you can lead people to believe that buying your competitor’s product will cause them some sort of disappointment or financial loss, you will stand out. And you don’t have to name any names. Using humor or unusual statements also draws attention. Ads like those below should increase your CTR (click through rate), and if you have a higher CTR than your competitors you could actually be paying less per click, and appearing higher in the sponsored ad results. This is because Google favors ads that consistently have high a CTR.

Now when 7 people are displaying ads like those in the left column, and you are the only one displaying an ad like those in the right column, who do you think is going to get all of the visitors? You are. If you can create ads that cause fear, like the scam ad, or those that cause people to laugh at their oddity, such as the Seinfeld ad, you will be very successful at getting visitors.

And since you will have a review site like the one I told you to make in Chapter One, or an Adsense-tailored site like I mentioned above, you will rake in the dough – no question about it.

Even if you have your own product, like your own ebook, or even a physical
product like rust remover, using a strange, out-of-the-box ad will get you visitors.

Now I for one would be drawn to your ad. I hate to be cliché, but it’s about thinking outside the box. When an advertiser tells you NOT to buy their product, it’s unusual and effective. Now, you would create your webpage about your product accordingly, using the strategies I mentioned in Chapter One. I remember seeing an advertisement for jeans one time that said “Steal These Jeans”, or “Steal Our Jeans”. I was drawn to it, and I still remember it. That’s the same idea. And that is effective advertising. One more thing. Since we are on the subject of PPC ads, you should be aware that Google and Overture, and most other PPC search engines DO NOT allow pop-ups on any page you link to from your PPC ad. And whether you like it or not, pop-ups are effective. Well, what if I were to tell you how to create a pop-up you can use that will NEVER get your ad banned by any PPC search engine? And, 90% of the pop-up blockers in the world will not block it. I also guarantee it will be much less annoying to your visitors as well. It’s called a oating DHTML menu. Try it. No banning or blocking, EVER. Here is where to get the code: InstantAttention.com.


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