Adsense versus Adwords

Now that you understand how Google Adwords and Adsense work, I’m going to show you a strategy for making big money with Google Adsense. I thought it was obvious, but when I mentioned it to a few people and they couldn’t believe they hadn’t thought of it. Anyone can put adsense ads on their site, and make them look nice. But where do you get the traffic from? Blogging, SEO? The chances of getting traffic to your site quickly through a blog or SEO is very slim.

Be a traffic middleman. Get quick, cheap, quality traffic to your website by buying keyword ads on the small PPC search engines, and when people click on your ad and are taken to your website, immediately show them relevant Google Adsense ads, and optimize your site to get them to click on these ads.

You are paying just pennies for the visitor, yet you can earn a few dollars if that same visitor clicks on the Google ad on your page. That’s because Google advertisers pay a lot more money to be seen, and because below I will show you how to be armed with a list of the keywords that Google advertisers currently pay the most money for, per click. If you bid 5 cents for a keyword on Miva and get paid 50 cents by Google Adsense for that same keyword, it’s a no brainer. There are literally hundreds of thousands of keywords you can buy ads for cheaply on the # 3-12 PPC sites listed above. Yet, many of the same keywords are VERY expensive on Google. Here is a real world example: I look on for a popular keyphrase I may want to market, “domain registration”, and see that it currently costs $0.21 per click to appear in the # 1 position. Now I look on Overture’s max bid tool here and do a search for whatever keyword I have in mind, such as “domain registration”, Then I see that advertisers are bidding up to $7.00 per click for the SAME keyphrase I can pay $.21 for on The Overture bids indicate to me that advertisers on Google are bidding similarly.

Only Overture tells you the exact amounts that advertisers are bidding, but Google Adwords advertisers tend to bid similar maximums. Or, you can also use this file to review a list of keywords that Google advertisers pay the most for. Some advertisers bid up to $520 per click!!
So, now I create a page on my website specifically about “domain registration”. It’s important to note that I shouldn’t JUST have a page with Google adsense ads on it, or Google will ban me, possibly for life. Other reasons that Google will ban you are if you tell your visitors straight out that you want them to click on your links, either by text, arrows, etc. So don’t do it! (And don’t
click on your own ads either. Google will know.) Instead, I must have a page with at least 2 or 3 paragraphs of relevant information on it about domain registration. Then I put the Google adsense ads between paragraphs, because Adsense allows you to select a borderless ad (make the border the same color as your background), which will work very well when placed between paragraphs, as it will look less like an ad, and more like part of your content. It will blend in. See the example below:

Now, In order to trigger a Google ad for my example key phrase, domain registration, I must make sure I have the key phrase domain registration in my page title, in the meta tags, in the description tag, and within the text of my paragraphs several times, making sure I bold it at least once. I should also have an H1 and H2 heading tag on the page with domain registration as well. I would also make sure I have a link somewhere on the site, linking back to my homepage, with an anchor text of “domain registration”.

If you don’t know enough about a subject to write a few paragraphs about it, or if you are too lazy like me, but you still want to target the subject because the keywords are high paying, you can always put articles on your site written by other people. There are a few sites that provide thousands of free articles on just about any subject, and you are free to use them on your site. You can find these articles at Article City and Ezine Articles. Or, you can use an automated tool that generates relevant page content for you based on the keywords you input, there are three available:

Article Bot
Traffic Equalizer


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