Unique Search Engine PPC

A. Pay Per Click

As you may know, there are about a dozen or so decent PPC search engines. These are websites where you go on and bid whatever price you are willing to pay for a visitor to be sent to your websitefor a particular keyword. If you sell books, you may bid a maximum of 25 cents to have your ad display on these websites when someone searches for a book that you sell.

The Biggies are:

1)Google Adwords - Adwords.Google.com
2)Yahoo - Overture.com
3)Miva - Miva.com

The Rest of the Best:


Now, it’s important to note that Google has two advertising services – Adwords and Adsense. Adwords is for advertisers who want to have their ad display on Google and it’s partner sites when a particular keyword is searched for.Adsense is for people who have a website that they want to let Google put relevant ads on, in which Google will pay the site owner a commission for each click an ad on their site receives. Google doesn’t disclose the exact percentage, but most experts estimate it’s around 50%. If I have a website about video games, Google will display ads on my website related to video games. If the top 3 or 4 Google Adwords advertisers have bid $1.00 per click on keyword “videogames”, if someone on my website clicks their ad, I will receive approx. 50 cents from Google for that click.



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