Offering Rebate/ Getting PPL

C. Offering Rebates

Many popular informational/money-making products are searched for by name. For example “Traffic Secrets” by John Reese is a popular search on Google. So are some Clickbank products such as “Google Profits”.

Now lets use Google Profits as an example. Currently you earn 67% commission as an affiliate of “Google Profits”. So if you offered this program to people for a 30% discount off the regular price, don’t you think people would buy from you? The way you can easily offer this program to people for a 30% discount ($15 off) is by offering an affiliate rebate. The program is $49.95 and you make 67% commission, which is $33.50. Out of your $33.50 you are giving $15 back to the consumer and you are left with $18.50. You simply let people know that if they order the program through your website link, after 45 days you will either send them a check for $15 or pay them by Paypal. Require them to send you their receipt. That way you can search your Clickbank admin for their order after 45 days to make sure they didn’t already get a refund. You are effectively offering people a rebate for purchasing through your affiliate link. While everyone else has ads saying how great the “Google Profits” program is (or whatever program you are promoting), you will have an ad that says $15 discount off of the popular Google Profits program.

Another thing to remember is that most people will forget to ask you for their rebate after 45 days. That is why you could easily offer an even higher discount to people and still come away with a nice profit every time. Or how about a larger scale? Imagine if you offered “ANY CLICKBANK PRODUCT - FREE”. That would get some serious attention. In which case you’d have to pay people a 100% rebate on ANY Clickbank product they purchased through your link, even if you only made a 40% commission on the sale. You would lose money if everyone remembered the rebate. But in my experience I typically see only 15-20% of these rebates ever being honored, because 80-85% of the people simply forget after 45 days. You may be thinking that people could just buy any Clickbank program through their own affiliate link and instantly save 25%-75% on their own. That’s true, but believe me, most of the people buying these products would never even think of that. Most are everyday people looking to learn how to make money on the internet, not web savvy webmasters like you and me.....well me at least. And again, if you offered more than a 75% discount NO ONE could beat that, not even buying through their own link.

D. Getting Paid Per Lead

Not only can you generate sales as an affiliate, you can also generate leads. One way to generate leads, such as mortgage leads, debt consolidation leads, sales leads, etc. is to create a website that gives away free, useful information, and tell visitors that in order to access your free information, allthey need to do is fill out a no obligation form for refinancing info, debt consolidation, buying a car, etc. This is called a forced lead, or incentivized lead. Most companies don’t want to pay for incentivized leads, but if you are giving away free information that is somehow related, you can negotiate with them and get approval to do so.

For example, say you have a website that gives away free info on how to repair your credit on yourown without hiring a service. Many sites charge money for information like this. You could give this information away freely, but require visitors to first fill out a short debt consolidation questionnaire. You are happy because you get paid $10 or so for the lead, the customer is happy because they got free credit repair info, and the debt consolidation company is happy because they can call your lead and try to get them to sign up for their debt consolidation program, which the person most likely needs because they are seeking info on credit repair. It’s a win-win-win situation. And that is how you approach the company that you want to generate leads for. There are many companies that pay-per-lead on networks like Commission Junction ( and the others I named in section A of this chapter.


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