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Do you have a blog, website, personal page or affiliate link?

If Yes, what are the things that you did to increase your traffic and get review from your readers?
When I became a blogger I always thought that I need to get alot of traffic for the following reasons:
  1. i need people to appreciate the topic that i posted.
  2. i need readers
  3. i want to become a reliable blogger
  4. i want to help people
  5. i need to earn money
With this reason I strive hard to know how to promote my blog, so as an ignorant blogger I ask my fellow blogger what are the things that I should do to increase the traffic of my blog. Common answers:
  1. Join Social Network (Facebook and Twitter)
  2. Blog Directory (Blogcatalog and others..)
  3. RSS Feeds (Feedburner)
  4. Create an Article (its all about backlinks)
  5. Forums (Yahoo! Answer and other forum site)
  6. and theres alot more....
To be honest those ways are actually working, but of course I need more since I am a greedy blogger.
How about if I tell you that you can improve your traffic by joining LinkReferral.

  • Receive 100's of authentic, quality, targeted visitors per day.
  • Receive valuable written visitor feedback.
  • Network with 250,000+ of your peers.
I did join the site 2 days ago of course for free. I am quite shock with the output it increases my blog traffic and commonly I recieved 15 unique visitor per day. Remember i'm new to the site.

WHAT are the things that I need to know?
If you join LinkReferral you need to do the following:
  • visit some of the members blog or website
  • review some blog or website that you like
  • find a blog that you want to put in your favorite blog list
  • join some discussion in the forum page
by doing this things you can get more traffic and what I like in the site is the reviews that my blog is getting...

LinkReferral - Review

As you can see I got nice reviews from my fellow blogger.

And lastly, LinkReferral also give members a chance to earn money. By the means of referral.

Get paid for Referrals

You are eligible to be paid for the following, commissions on purchases made by referrals at LinkReferral. This not only includes premium upgrades, but advertising and all other services we provide! (e.g. A $100 advertising purchase by a referral earns you $15, an upgraded member earns you $7.50!)

Commissions on Basic member (free) referrals! We have set a valuation of Basic referrals at $1.00 per signup, and you will be paid a percentage according to the referral level below (e.g. you earn $0.15 for a 1st level (direct) referral).As a Premium member, you will be paid handsomely for not only purchases made by direct referrals, but indirect (2nd level - the referrals of your referrals) as well. You are credited for both FUTURE AND PAST purchases of referrals! The payment levels are the following;

1st level - 15% all purchases by direct referrals + 15 cents per basic member (free) signup
2nd level - 5% all purchases by indirect (2nd level) referrals + 5 cents per basic member (free) signup

If a member just gets 10 referrals and does nothing more, and their referrals get 10 referrals and do nothing more and each spends an average of $100 on LinkReferral.com services, the money the member earns adds up! Upgrade now, there may be a win fall of past referrals who have made purchases which have already earned you money.

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Patience is Virtue!


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