Earn Money Using Pictures/Photos

Today, people especially teenagers are having fun taking pictures of themselves, their surroundings, and other things. With the uprising technology that we have right now from cellphone to digital camera we can take pictures anytime anywhere.

How can we earn extra money using my photos?

Everyone of us now for sure do have or a member of a social network like the following:

with this websites you can upload/post number photos of yours, friends, and other occasions. If you are a member of those websites all you need to do now is register in Shareapic which every 1 pic view you will earn 0.0002 dollars in other word for every 1000 views u will get 0.22 dollars. The more uploads you have the more money you earn.


Here's the steps for Myspace:

  1. Login to Myspace using you email address and password.

2. Click the Edit Profile (red) shown above.
3. Paste the Code Generated by ShareaPic to any section of your profile but I suggest the
About Me or Who I'd Like to Meet Section.

The GENERATED CODE from ShareaPic

Before you can paste the code into any social networks you need to upload it in Shareapic not in myspace or friendster.

*Reminder: Upload all your photos in Shareapic

- when you upload the photos use the Mass Uploader where you can upload all your photos at the same time.

When you finish uploading your photos go back to your Shareapic account then click My Galleries. (shown above)

Lastly, after clicking My Galleries you will see all the album you uploaded and in the right side you will see the Get Code (red) label which you need to click.

This would be the result:


  1. You can earn more using the BidVertiser wherein you can add ads in your photos. So you will earn more if someone click the ads inside your photos.
  2. Create another Photo Blog where you can post alot of photos in different scenario of your life.
Try it Now: Click Here!


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